Monday, May 11, 2009

Lemonade Days - IV

God's Own Country.

It's a personal opinion that travelogues get boring if a person starts to recount all that happened in the way. So while writing about my visit to Kerala, what I am going to do is, write about five of the most memorable incidents from the trip! Okay! Now for the panoply of words to flow..~

The Drive To Pondicherry.

Chennai. The city is no different from the other metropolis of the land when it comes to traffic congestion during busy hours! It took the Qualis almost two hours to extricate itself out of that mess of a traffic, but once we were out of it, gearing up past the airport, and landed upon the highway, it's total bliss! The drive to Pondicherry! The smooth road, with a well-planned and well-maintained divider all along it, made the journey look more like a flight than a drive! And Oh! what a drive it indeed was! 140 kmph! Man! Not many an Indian road will give you the same pleasure! Everything was just flying past; and it was a thrill to note how the bikers manoeuvred and were up to their histrionics..!! To the young daring Indian, it's infinitely attractive, it's dangerously attractive..! Believe in the saying, "This one life I am going to live it all..!", and you wouldn't think twice before making your bike run for its money here... and run for its pride...Promise!!

It'as just sheer pleasure!

The Mahabalipuram Rock.

"Mahabalipuram rocks...", I have heard my cousin Bumba Da say many a time when he was in his college days! And if Mahabalipuram attracts many a curious visitor, it's primarily becuase of the Mahabalipuram Rock. It's difficult to express in words the awe with which people stare at that rock, for huge as it is, the single monolithic rock, fondly known as Krishna's butter ball, stands still on a sloping surface! It's just amazing, and you can't help but just smile looking at the nature of balance that Nature seeks to exemplify for us, perhaps! :)

Though Mahabalipuram is an equally favourite destination in South India as a sea-side place, and the Shore Temple is another piece of marvellous architecture from ancient India, if I decide to go back to the place at any point of time in the future, it will be purely be for the attraction of that Rock. It excels as a rare wonder!


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