Monday, May 11, 2009

Lemonade Days - I

Lemonade Days will be an ode to the year gone by! lots of memories! And though it's quite impossible to recollect all of it with the breathtaking perfection of a photographic mind, it's always a delight to give it a try! It's like a lemonade drink then that it becomes! Refreshing..~! But the sweetness of it is also accompanied by a hint of sourness now and then..! Anyway! let's give it a try now...
Vedic Village.

Quite an expensive place. But a world-class experience. Learning about the basics of playing snooker from a well-to-do businessman. Playing table tennis with my Dad. Relishing the sumptuous meals. And spending the night in a room that had all the requisite features of one from a 5-star hotel. I am not sure about the star-status of Vedic Village, but am sure it qualifies as a top destination for spending a quality weekend. Thanks to the pharmaceutical company that sponsored our trip! I guess it was Emcure. Thanks to it.

Into The Breeze.

And just when the heat got more unbearable, we didn't think of procrastinating that short trip to Mandarmani any longer; something we had been planning to do since last year!

And when I write this article, the memory of the trip is still fresh in my mind. It's May 2009.

The Sana Beach Resort. That's where we stayed. And it's quite interesting how you get there! For, since the place is still hugely at its nascent stage as a tourist destination, there is what I would love to call "sand transport" instead of "road transport"..! For the cars have to get onto the soft sand ( It might get dangerous I tell you if you are travelling by a heavy car on soft sand. If by chance the tires start sinking into it, you have almost a "chorabali" kind of nightmare extricating the vehicle out of it. we faced it on our return journey!) to travel the last few kilometres to get to the resorts! Therefore once the tide is on, every car must come to a halt for atleast an hour till the waters recede and the sand regains its dryness and hardness!! Have you heard of that before? :)

If I go on to say that the Sana Beach Resort is born out of the same concept that designed the Vedic Village, I won't be making much of a mistake! The only difference being that it's made keeping more the bourgeoisie in mind. And I was delighted once again to see those thatched houses that I got to see in Vedic Village a few months earlier! There is the freshness to the concept; which, with rapid emulation of it, will only stand to lose though!

While in Mandarmani, I did all those things that I started taking a hiatus from! I slept for almost four hours in the afternoon. I re-evaluated all my current realtionships, and where they are headed for, and what form they should take in the days to come! And what I can do to make them more meaningful (I may be wrong, but I believe that unless people work on what they treasure most in life, they are not able to take them to the level of satisfaction they crave for!) I gorged on so much food during lunch that I could eat only two bowls of chicken sweet sorn soup for dinner! And then I went for a walk. Along the beach. The full-moon on my back. Being the quiet boy I am, without the company of friends, a solitary walk in a serene environment gives me that unique sense of satisfaction that usually eludes the busy city-boy! And truly beautiful it was. While my parents conversed with each other sitting on the near-empty beach, I waded through ankle-deep water and let the wind just brush through my hair... it was 'luxury reborn'..! :)
A lovely place it is! Mandarmani.

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